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When will this End?


I have been following the news about the state of the economies of the different countries around the world, and honestly speaking I’m wandering when this is going to come to end. What I mean is, the biggest economy in the world, USA, is giving mixed signals every time we get financial data or news form the authorities. Take today, for example, personal spending is up, but the income growth was relatively unchanged, lets not even talk about the previous week. Cross over the pacific, and there you also find more or less the same scenario, one month the economy is improving, the following month the state of economy gives data that is almost the same, if not worse, than when this financial crisis started. We all know what this means, the employment rate is better than expected in one month, so we all celebrate the beginning of a recovery, only for next month to come out worse than expected because apparently there was an “anomaly” in calculating the employment rate in the previous month. All I’m saying is, people want to be sure that there can still go to their jobs without fear of being retrenched, take a holiday or relax without worrying about foreclosure of their homes, open up a business knowing that it will still be there years to come, graduate from college or university and find the career of your their dreams, go to a shop and buy something they like and not being told by the shop attendant that their credit card has been declined.

Somebody please, give me a sign or a time-frame when this will end, so we can all go back to our “normal” lives!

Blog claim Details

This post is basically details on how to claims on my new blog, the code is 2SBZF7DZ8ZDD. Thanks a lot for understanding, and if possible ignore this post.

Hello Fellow Bloggers

This is my first blog post on my new blog Ken Ndungu’s Blog. I want to be able to connect with my fellow bloggers and the world in general, not only to learn more about other people, but also help each other survive this difficult times theĀ  world is facing. Anyway, I want everyone to know that I’m really looking forward to forming a meaningful and beneficial relationship for both parties, and to hear from my fellow bloggers out there.


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