Living on Purpose for YOUR Wealthiest Life


“No good fish goes anywhere without a porpoise.” ~ Lewis Carroll.

To live your wealthiest life, it’s important to live purposefully. It’s like this… you have been given a fabulous penthouse apartment in Paris, but you need to get there. So what would you do? You would likely figure out where you are now, map out your journey, determine your transportation to Paris, stick with the plan in following through and handle whatever comes up while on the journey until you got there. That is a purposeful journey with a clear destination in mind.

Living on purpose for your wealthiest life is pretty much the same thing. If you want to be wealthy (whatever that means to you), the more purposeful you are about getting there, the quicker it can happen for you.

Here are some signs that you might not be on purpose right now: if you feel lost in life, don’t know what you want, not sure what to do next, your relationships aren’t fulfilling, money isn’t flowing, your environment isn’t supportive, your body doesn’t feel healthy and vital. When you are not living purposefully, you get random, unexpected results like these that will likely one day cause you to feel dissatisfied, at the very least.

However, these are actually the keys to your personal alignment process for an “illuminated” purpose. Your purpose is that which brings you to a new level of conscious vibration for what you want to experience in your life, including wealth. It is this harmonic alignment that is a vital piece of your formula to claim your money magic.

As a physical representation of divine energy, there is a part of your soul that remembers the connection with pure Source energy. That part of you yearns to get beyond the separation anxiety that underlies much of our life on the physical plane, and reclaim that experience of connection. And that is your true purpose – to get closer to Source energy.

At the same time, you are a piece of Source energy, and your “job” here is to have a physical experience in order to give that experience and lessons learned, and discoveries made back to the greater consciousness in totality, regardless of what the actual experience is (positive or not, expansive or not, etc.). At some point, you elect what kind of experience you are going to have, and then make the decisions that create it.

The power, and the responsibility, to create your purposeful life is yours, and you are the only one who chooses (and really, the only one who can choose) the quality of it. So, while in physical form, your purpose is to have “oneness” with Source energy, but the path you take to get there is uniquely yours. You are always in the position of exercising free will in making choices that support the expression of who you are in your purpose. When you are aligned with your unique reason for being, your life purpose, the Universe is positioned to reward you – there is a clear and open “oneness” with the Universe around your illuminated purpose.

Let’s take a moment to consider what your purpose is not… it is not:

  1. A job
  2. The next big “click”
  3. Dependent on other people
  4. Found outside of you
  5. Something that feels forced to do
  6. Dependent on learned skills
  7. Something that someone else can do the way you would do it
  8. Something you have to wait to experience

Your purpose is always present in some form throughout your life, independent of situations, relationships or circumstances. It is always seeking to express in some way, because that is why you are here. Your job might be at a desk in a cubicle, but people might tell you that they always feel so much better when you’re around. Or you might be writing your novel when you have time “on the side”, but people compliment you on being so well-organized with your time. These are examples of the “threads” of your purpose showing up in unexpected ways. You are doing one thing, but the validation you get comes through a seemingly unexpected place. Your purpose is always speaking in some form, available to you for making new choices for full expression when you are ready.

By being in agreement with your illuminated purpose, you are choosing to welcome new opportunities, synchronicities and resources that serve to bring you closer to Source energy AND express your unique gifts in contribution to the greater whole of community and consciousness. In other words, living on purpose leads you directly to living your wealthiest life.

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