The Three Strategies Of Increasing Your Finances!


Although it appears that the world’s economy is falling apart all around us, I have faith that you and I will make it through this storm intact. As a trailblazer, it is obvious that you are an over-comer with strong beliefs, faith in a higher power, and a significant amount of determination. These very traits have contributed to your success thus far, and will take you even farther, as long as you remain focused. However, with all the talk about the economy, even trailblazers can become concerned. Put those concerns to rest, and begin implementing strategies to put more cash in your pocket today. If you haven’t already done so, it is time for you to give your finances a thorough review, and implement the following strategies to ensure that you are well on your way to receiving your financial increase.

Assess your financial situation
If I asked you how much money you have coming in and going out each month, could you tell me? Knowing the answer to this question is critical to your continued financial success. You can’t determine what you need to do, if you do not know where you currently stand. Determine how much money you bring home each month. This can be determined by looking at your net pay on your check stub, and adding any additional income, such as child support, second incomes, etc. If you are married, you should do this with your spouse. Now, determine the total amount that is going out in form of monthly bills, grocery, gas, recreation, etc. If your money going out is exceeding the monthly amount coming in, you are likely living pay check to pay check. There are several things you might consider trying in order to address this: Take inventory, and make sure you are getting the best deals for your money. You can eliminate unnecessary bills, like a house phone you have, but rarely use. You can check your cell phone plan, to determine if you have the best plan for your needs; Call your credit card company to find out if they can offer you a better interest rate. You can also look for a higher paying job, or establish another income stream, such as catering an event or party for a fee if you are an excellent cook, or doing some interior decorating work if you have an eye for detail, and style.

When people say give, many cringe at the thought of being separated from their money without getting an immediate return. In the past, I even resented having to give so much, but I’ve realized what a blessing my giving has been. I am not implying that you should give everything, and give to everyone. Although you are certainly blessed to be a blessing, you don’t want to block others from learning how to manifest their own money. However, money tends to circulate. So for me, it seems that the more I give, the more I receive. I once thought that if I gave too much or too often, the well would run dry, and that when I really needed something, there would be nothing left for me, or anyone available to return the favor. However, I realized that this was a poverty mindset, and I began to renew my mind, and changed my attitude to one of abundance. Now, I ask God to bless me financially so that I can be a blessing to others. However, when God blesses you, you should be wise in your spending, and even wiser in your giving. So, be sure that when you give, you are giving to worthwhile causes, and be sure that you always sowing into fertile ground.

Big spenders – putting the brakes on
Some of us like to hoard money, but the majority of us like to spend it, and resent being put on a strict budget. If you are a big spender, and can’t wait to get your pay check so that you can get your nails done or pick up those expensive shoes you saw in the display window, utilize this strategy to help you keep your spending under control. After your bills are paid, take out a certain amount of cash for that week. Make sure that you have filled up your gas tank, and given your little ones their cash for school, lunch, etc. Otherwise, you will have to allocate some of your cash for those things. Once this money is spent, you are done spending for the week. It’s a simple strategy, but it takes a lot of determination. Now, there will be times when you simply must get a new purse, a bottle of cologne or a new outfit. Allow for those purchases in the cash you allocate for the week. By doing this, when you go to the store, you avoid purchasing more items than planned, because you will not have easy access to the money. This means leaving your debit/credit card alone. Whew…what a feat! I challenge you to try this for at least a month, or two and watch how you end up with more money left at the end of the month, instead of having more month left at the end of your money!

Assessing your financial situation, giving to worthwhile causes, and putting the brakes on your big spending habits will put more money back into your pocket today, and set you on your path to continued financial increase. Start reinventing your financial life today, by implementing these 3 strategies.


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