A Look At Second Career Options For Retirees


A second career is what many Baby Boomers need today. At the current life expectancies in most parts of the world, people retiring at 60 could look forward to at least 20 more years. Although it’s normal for retiring Boomers to look forward to a life of leisure day in and day out, the reality is that it gets old too soon. With the current economic recession, the need for retirement jobs has intensified ten-fold.

With declining 401K’s, and the very real prospect of outliving their retirement funds, Boomers should include a job or a second career in their retirement plans. Here are some options for a second career for those 60, and older:

1. Consulting.

Management and financial consulting is an attractive prospect for those with the right combination of education, and experience. Boomers who are retired from banking, mortgage, and other similar industries would do well providing advisory services. Experience, and connections are formidable.

2. Small business.

Most people holding down nine-to-five jobs, have hobbies for diversion they do on down times. It’s not unusual for a corporate executive to be into photography, and painting. If you’re already into crafts, or can bake pastries your friends and family keep raving about, you might consider turning that hobby into a small business.

3. Non-profits.

People who have retired from for-profit organizations, are excellent choices for positions in non-profit organizations. Again, the combination of experience, and connections can serve a charity organization well, whether it needs funding, better management or strategic planning.

4. Customer Service industry.

The customer service industry can provide a challenging, and fun way for service-oriented professionals. Collections agents, technical support, and customer service representatives are excellent second jobs for retirees, and they can do it from home, too. The good thing is you can do it full-time, or part-time.

5. Medical transcription.

It’s also one of the growing industries. In recent years, medical transcriptionists have grown to include independent contractors working from home. Military spouses are finding this to be a good profession, as they can do it without interruption even when they have to change home addresses. And boomers can definitely do it, too.

Recession and Rehiring Options

With the economic downturn, it helps to look into options that remain viable despite the recession.

1. Government jobs.

Since governments are infusing stimulus packages into the local economy, expect to see a surge in government jobs from social services, homeland security, and environmental jobs. That presents rich opportunities for second careers.

2. Teaching and education jobs.

Retirees from the corporate world with master’s degrees, match their technical education with practical experience. They’d make very good teachers, trainers, or mentors for young aspirants. Experts in electronics, and other applied sciences can become excellent trainers for skills training in community centers. With many people displaced by companies closing down, there’s bound to be a surge of adult students returning to colleges or looking for enhanced skills trainings.

3. Healthcare jobs.

The healthcare industry is one recession-proof industry. Hospitals, hospices, assisted living facilities and nursing homes will continue to be a rich niche for job seekers no matter the economic situation.


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