Rebalancing a Portfolio: The Risk and Reward


Rebalancing a portfolio may seem like a challenging task for many, but in reality, it is much simpler than many believe. It is possible to hire a professional for the job, or even use software such as Portfolio Rebalancer, which can easily output the necessary change needed for the rebalancing process. In this article, you will understand exactly how you can achieve this balance, and why it is absolutely necessary.

How can you go about rebalancing? Well, there are many ways to achieve this, but I will explain the main methods. The basic idea of the portfolio is that it is split up by percentages with various assets holding their respective percentage. If, say, a few assets happen to experience increases in their overall value and their percentage in the portfolio, it will be necessary to go through the process of rebalancing. The first method is to sell the extra funds to generate cash that can be used to invest in the assets that have a lower, than original percentage value. Additionally, an investor could take advantage of this process to increase the profitability of a certain asset by selling the underperforming portions of, for example, stock investments. Also, the investor could simply raise more money that can be used to boost the percentage of the asset that has fallen behind in a portfolio, but this seems slightly counterproductive because of the net loss of the investor’s money into the portfolio. However, it is up to the investor to choose the method that he, or she prefers for rebalancing. These are simply a few choices available for a quick, and easy fix.

Rebalancing is a necessity to any portfolio, because it is a process that reduces the risk of the overall value of the combined funds. For example, if a portfolio’s stock option is increased from 40% to 60%, this significant increase must be countered, or else the investor has a greater risk of losing 60% of the portfolio. Then, only 40% of the portfolio will be left as a fall back option, a terrible loss to any investor.

The daunting nature of rebalancing, and greed holds back many investors from going through any process of rebalancing. But greed only leads to a greater loss, and it is rarely rewarded. While it is possible to rebalance the portfolio in many ways, for those who are unsure of the process, it is recommended that the investor should either hire help or purchase inexpensive, easy to use software, such as the previously mentioned Portfolio Rebalancer. Rebalancing can be scary, but it is necessary to any asset allocation project.


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