Retirement Planning:- Start Early and Enjoy Financial Freedom


Everyone retires one day, so the earlier you start your retirement planning, the better for your future. It really does not matter whether you would be retiring in the next 5 years, or the next 20, start planning now. That would definitely improve your financial future.

The Need for Retirement Planning

People think of ideal retirement as a combination of leisure activities, financial independence and luxury vacations – all these things are possible, only if you have enough money when you retire. To live a comfortable life after you retire, you need financial planning. There are many tools, and resources available to help you plan better.

The Basic Steps of Retirement Planning

How much money would you need after you retire?

This is dependent on your current standard of living. You need to estimate what your annual expenses will be after you retire. One point to be taken into consideration for this estimation is the difference between the current expenses, and retirement expenses. For example, right now a large percentage of your income goes towards your house mortgage, and children’s education. But by the time you retire, your children must have settled with their jobs, and you would have a home of your own. When you retire, you and your spouse may have increased medical expenses, and you would also like to spend money on vacations. Here, you also need to consider inflation. The average inflation rate is around 3 percent.

How much would you need to save?

After you calculate the inflow that may come from part-time income, interest on the savings and Social Security; you need to estimate the exact value that your assets will have, and the income you will earn after you retire. By calculating this, you would come to know the shortfall. Here, there are many factors that need to be considered. At what age are you planning to retire, the number of years you are going to live (depends upon your health), and the return on your current investment. The first two factors roughly determine the number of years of your retirement. While calculating the rate of interest on your investment, take a conservative call, and calculate the return based on around 5 to 6 percent. This would enable you to calculate the amount of money you require to save after you retire.

How to build the retirement portfolio?

Once you have determined the amount of money needed to be save each month from now till your retirement, the next step is to find a plan that is just right for your savings needs. Ideally, you should arrange for a specific amount that is directly taken from your monthly paycheck, and automatically invested in the financial plan of your choice. This type of arrangement would reduce your impulsive spending habits. You can opt for payroll deduction savings plan, or 401(k) plans.

For the perfect financial planning, you need to understand the different savings, and investment options that are available to you. This definitely requires a lot of dedication on your part. If you are busy and can not find enough time, or do not quite understand the intricacies of various investment plans, then it is advisable to hire a financial advisor, to take care of your retirement planning needs. Financial security after you retire is important – you must start planning for it now.


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