Three Simple Ways That Could Reduce Your Credit Card Debt.


Lets face it, cutting expenses is a big challenge for many people, while others think that it will not result in any meaningful dent on their huge debt, I mean you asking someone to cut back on an expense he or she has been used to for a few years or in some cases decade. But you be surprised would to know that by saving $10 a day is achievable, which could earn you $300 per month or $ 3,600 per annum. Ok. this could definitely put a dent on your debt. Suzette Jamieson explains how it is possible to save $ 10 a day and start making a difference in your debt balance.

Do you feel like you are drowning in debt? While this may be of little comfort to you, you are hardly alone. But what can you do to reduce credit card debt? Trying to get out of debt can be a lot like trying to lose weight. When someone needs to lose weight, there are really only 2 factors that come into play. You need to cut your calorie consumption AND you need to burn more calories through exercise … with the ultimate goal being that you burn more calories than your body needs to function. Doing either one of those will help, but will only get you so far. You need to do both in order to really be successful.

And it is exactly the same when you are trying to get out of debt. There are two parts to the equation – spend less than your income ,and use the excess funds to pay down your debt. Find ways to cut your expenses, and then apply those savings to reduce your credit card debt. It sounds simple … and it IS simple. But that doesn’t mean it is easy. Many times it is just simply a matter of making some small changes to the way you currently do things. Small changes can often work together to have big results. And by breaking things down into manageable chunks, the tasks immediately seem more doable.

Let’s say for example that you know you need to find an additional $300 a month. That sounds like a lot, initially, but by breaking it down it becomes a goal you can meet. $300 a month translates into $10 a day. What can you do to spend just $10 a day LESS than you currently spend? Even $10 a day may seem a little daunting when thought of as a whole, so let’s break that down even further. What less expensive items could you adjust in your daily routine?

  • Do you stop for coffee on your way into work? Try bringing it from home instead and see how much you will have saved. And if you get a donut or muffin to go with your coffee, those can also be brought from home for even greater savings.
  • Do you grab a pick-me-up soda or a snack from the vending machine every afternoon? Again, by buying it yourself at WalMart, Costco or even the grocery store, you can easily spend half as much as what it costs from the vending machine.
  • When they ask you at the fast food restaurant if you would like to super-size your lunch, just say no. Your waistline, heart and arteries will thank you for that! And if your big meal is in the evenings anyway, why not try the Dollar Menu that so many places have now? This is usually enough for most people, and many adults even order the kid’s meal because it is cheaper than the adult version, and is really all they need.

So be honest … if you made those 3 changes (or similar ones), would you feel deprived? Would you feel like you were being short-changed in any way? Of course not. But think of the money you could save! $300 a month just by making 3 small changes to your workday routine. But don’t stop there! See where else you can make small changes that will add up to big savings.


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