Seven Tips to Protect Your Job in a Recession!


If there is one report that really stirs the market is the job report. It usually indicates how many jobs were created or lost during a certain period, as this will tell us whether the economy is starting to grow or getting worse. On an individual level, a lot of people are uncertain of their future prospect when it comes to job security, I mean, there is no longer the job guarantee our parents used to have. Today, you could leave your place of work knowing the tasks awaiting you the following day, only for you to walk at the work place and you are immediately summoned by your boss. The next thing that happens will make your head spin. Everybody would like to know some of the things you can do so that will you are almost ‘guaranteed’ your the job, and the following article by David Bromley gives some of the tips you can do to protect your job.

The current uncertain financial times is making it difficult to plan for the future. It seems as though every time we open a newspaper or turn on the TV, there is more bad news regarding the financial situation. The collapse of Lehman Brothers has demonstrated that even the largest organizations are not totally immune from the effects of the downturn. As an individual, though no fault of yours, you could find yourself a victim of the recession.

The risk of unemployment hangs over many people who may have previously considered their jobs secure. If your company is on the skids, there may be very little you can do about it. However, even though many companies will have to cut back on employees they will survive. If your company is in this position, then what you have to do is make sure that you are one of those employees that your company keeps. What follows are 7 tips to help you become one of the survivors.

  • Become indispensable. This can be easier than it sounds, try to get yourself involved in your company’s long-term projects. Become a specialist at some aspect of your company’s business. If you have knowledge or skills that your colleagues don’t possess this makes you more valuable to your company.
  • Become a “can do” individual. Some people are by nature cautious and conservative when it comes to new ideas. They will raise all sorts of objection and resist any changes. You should be just the opposite, once a suggestion is made consider how it can be implemented in the most effective way. When employers realize that when they give you a problem or task, it will tackled quickly and efficiently, and this will raise your value rises within the company.
  • Stay bright and cheerful. When times get hard, people become miserable and depressed. They huddle in groups at the office talking themselves into group depression. Do not join them, stay bright and positive and encourage others to do the same.
  • Don’t be afraid to get involved. In the Army they used to say never volunteer for anything, but in today’s world you should adopt the alternative approach. Look for opportunities to become more involved but with one proviso, do not do this to the detriment of your main job. They do say that a volunteer is worth ten pressed men and hopefully your employers will realize this when evaluating your worth.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open It is no good burying your head in the sand. You need to stay abreast of events within your company, your industry and nationally. By being well-informed, again improve your personal value. Ignore unsubstantiated rumours; there will be a lot of those flying around.
  • Stay where you are. Do not attempt to move to a new employer unless you are absolutely certain that your own company has no future. No matter how good the job is as the “new member” of the team, you are very vulnerable to the last in first out effect.
  • Stay Smart. Make a special effort to go into the office smartly dressed. Do not let your standards fall. When times get hard and people become disillusioned or worried about their jobs they do drop personal standards. As silly as it may seem, being a smart individual could be the difference between keeping and losing your job.

Follow the 7 tips and hopefully you will not only weather the storm ahead, but hopefully prosper.


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