Do You Believe in Recession, Five Laws of Attraction Tips!


Do you think that the rich feel or suffer the same way an average person with average income does. Many will be quick to point out that these two individuals will never be the same because of the amount of money each person possesses. While this may be true, there are people in any economy that will always thrive no matter the economic situation prevailing, that is , economic recession is foreign language to them. As much as everybody is concentrating on the ‘national recession’, I think the most important economic factor that should dominant our lives right now is ‘Personal Recession’ as demonstrated by Priscilla F Parham

As I returned home from a recent office party, I sat on my cozy ottoman in front of the fire, and thought fondly back over my evening out. Of course, there were some interesting characters present. The thing that stood out most to me was the big difference between the groups of people. As you may be aware, at these large office parties people often tend to branch off into little groups or cliques. Funny how certain types of people tend to gravitate towards each other.

As I tried to mingle with the first group, I noticed that they were talking about their particular jobs and the company we all work for. So I asked a question about the recession. They all bitterly complained about work, the economy, the recent election, the stock market, on and on, one after the other. I proceeded on to another group of co-workers already involved in a different conversation. Again I decided to ask this group the same question about the recession. One person talked about their recent vacation, the other just bought a new house, the other was glad about the election results, and talked about the holiday gifts he was buying.

Same city. Same company. Absolutely opposing world view. One group was having a recession, the next group wasn’t, it was totally down to their beliefs and perception of the world.

Now, I’ll ask you the same question. Do you believe in the recession? If your answer is yes, because you believe there is plenty of proof all around you. Then I invite you to give these 5 Tips a try for at least 25-30 days straight, and just see what happens.

  • Adopt the belief that there is only Good, Better, and Best in any and all situations.
  • Stop watching, listening, and reading any negative economy or financial news stories.
  • Think about, talk about, and write about The Best Economy Imaginable. Vividly imagine how it really feels to have the things and situations that you want. Make your feelings as intense as possible. Start your sentences with, “I look forward to the day when (fill in the blank).”
  • Take a $100 bill and put it in your wallet, carry it with you for the 30 days. Prove to yourself that you can hold onto money and there is always enough.
  • Once a week, give something away. Some suggestions: old clothes to goodwill, $5 to the homeless, your time to charity or children’s organization, a smile to someone who just made you mad, a hug to someone who is not expecting it. The more you give freely the more you receive, besides it just feels good.

Just watch the shift that will take place in your life using these simple law of attraction tips. No matter your situation, it’s up to you if your “Personal Economy” has a recession. If you don’t want to have a recession, you just have to find people to deal with who aren’t having one either.


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