Be in the NOW not in the DOW!


Perhaps we need to shift our focus from the problems that confront us on a daily basis, to how we can overcome the challenges that are before us, particularly lack of money which basically will help solve most of our problems. Hey, right now I will try anything to get the creditors off my back, for example , giving a shot to the law of attraction, since we tend to attract most things in our lives, I think it’s a high time we attracted solutions to our problems, rather than more problems. The following article by Colin Tipping explains how we can go about using the law of attraction to our advantage.

Understandably, people everywhere are feeling that the old paradigm has let them down. They worked hard for years and years in order to create some security for their senior years and for their children, and now they see it melting away. They are losing their jobs, their homes, their pensions and savings. They feel angry and betrayed about the American Dream having been shown to be just that – a dream.

Is this how you are feeling? I don’t blame you. You are entitled to be angry and, as usual, I encourage you to feel it. There is no doubt that the future looks very bleak for many of us. That is, unless we begin to see it differently. How?

Well, how about putting a new paradigm to the test? After all, what better time than now to try embracing the possibility that you can attract money to you through the Law of Attraction using the technology of Radical Manifestation?

In previous articles I have said that you can either stay transfixed by the apparent reality of the situation and remain a victim of it, or you can see it differently and rise above it using Radical Forgiveness. Well, now that it’s come down to issues of everyday financial survival, you have a similar choice. You can either struggle with whatever financial misfortune strikes, if it should happen, and do the best you can in the circumstances, or you can once again rise above it by shifting your belief system.

The easiest and most immediate way to do this is by using the tools of Radical Manifestation. If you spend some time using these tools you can either avert a financial crisis that might otherwise be in the making, or get yourself out of one if it has already happened. These tools are so powerful in themselves; you don’t even have to believe in the idea that you can attract abundance simply through activating the Law of Attraction. They work in spite of you.

I argued in my book, Radical Manifestation, The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want, that money has no inherent value. It only has value if it represents something of actual worth that people can and want to buy. Banks around the world have just woken up to this fact, and they have been utterly humbled by the experience. Investors who bought instruments of debt from these banks have also just realized that there was no real value attached to them, and they are livid about it. So much for the old paradigm!

I also argue that money is energy. Since energy doesn’t die, we could argue that there is just as much energy (money) in the system today as there was a few weeks ago. I mean real money, not the funny money the ‘too-clever by-half’ boys on Wall Street concocted with their computers in the giant Ponzi scheme that fooled the world, and has just unraveled like a sweater made of overcooked spaghetti. No, I mean money that represents something of actual value.

That money is still there, in the system somewhere just sloshing around with nowhere to go. No one quite knows what to do with it at the moment, that’s all. So perhaps we don’t really have a crisis, except in our minds. The money just needs to be moved around the system in a different way now, that’s all. But not by conventional means, by which I mean taking us into recession and creating the necessary balance that way. No, my argument is that if money is just energy, then let’s use an energetically based system like Radical Manifestation to move it where it needs to go. The best way to move money in your direction is to use the energy of mind to attract it to you. Like attracts like.

It’s like electricity running through a wire. It moves only when there is a difference in polarity between the two ends of the wire. One end is positive and the other is negative. Electrons are negatively charged so they are attracted to the negative pole and repelled from the positive pole. That immediately puts them in motion, moving in accordance with the Law of Attraction. Using that analogy we can say that if money is simply the manifestation of Universal Energy, it too will move towards that which attracts it. Why not let it be YOU?

My advice then, as far as surviving and prospering through what looks like being a major breakdown worldwide (perfect, of course, in the spiritual sense as explained last month) is to continue using the tools of Radical Forgiveness to stay out of the blame game and going to Victimland, PLUS making good use of the tools of Radical Manifestation to bring you all that you need. Remember the formula:

Radical Forgiveness + Radical Manifestation = Radical Empowerment.


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