Transcend Your Financial Beliefs!


We have been talking about the things someone needs to do in order to break this chain of financial misfortune, but I think we have been doing it the wrong way. It is easier to change inside out, rather than the other way round. W e should have started by changing our perceptions first, before starting to dwell on the measures one can take to improve their financial situation. So, how do we go about changing our mindset, Sharon Fredrickson explains how we can go about changing our beliefs which will ultimately lead to financial freedom.

Everything our mind does, it does from memory. If I say relationships, there is a little video technician in your head that grabs a highlight reel of everything you’ve seen, heard and/or experienced with relationships. The same of course will happen when I say “finances”. Again the little video technician in your head grabs the highlight reel and plays for you everything you’ve seen, heard and/or experienced in relationship to finances.

Remember, all the “stuff” in the past has helped and served you. It’s time to expand your recollection to allow for other possibilities. Education is the key and the most powerful tool we have. Educate everyone about finances. We need to eliminate financial illiteracy. Once you realize how to eliminate the past “self”, you will have a better understanding on how to create the new financial self you yearn to become. It’s time to bring to consciousness that which has been kept outside for so long. It’s time to expand your knowledge and belief in financial freedom.

Many people tell me that they and others are just not willing to let go of the “old” and embrace the “new”, and so let me make something clear. I am not asking for anyone to adapt a “new” belief, but rather to have a new experience of the old beliefs.  As I said before, your old beliefs in finances and financial freedom have served you, but it is time to transcend and grow those beliefs into a vehicle that can support you in the future. The greatest motivator out there is our beliefs. We do everything in our day-to-day world based on our beliefs. The current knowledge of our past financial beliefs no longer works and so it is time to open your mind to the possibility of expanded beliefs.

If you are not currently walking a clear-cut path which is leading you in a direction of achieving true financial freedom, then clearly your old beliefs and therefore, actions are no longer serving you and the only thing that can come from these old beliefs and actions are the exact same results. Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Aren’t you tired of your same results? Aren’t you ready to move forward and create the financial life you not only desire, but deep down you know you deserve? If you even thought about answering yes to either of those questions, then I say to you once again, it is time to transcend yourself into a higher consciousness of what it takes to be financially free.


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